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Your toddler discovers the sights, sounds, and textures of the world while involved in challenging and meaningful activities. Your little “mover and shaker” learns how the world works by observing and interacting with objects around him, at his own pace, over and over. “Let’s do it again … and again … and again!”


Visualize your toddler playing in the indoor sandbox in the Theater, riding a tricycle in the Gym, and walking like an elephant in the Active Arts room, using his body and mind, discovering how this big, exciting, complicated, and wonderful world works.

Ratios and Relationships


Caring and learning are inseparable. Kids World Learning Toddler teachers are energetic, patient, and both understand and enjoy the emerging independence and individuality of the dynamic toddler. Our toddler program provides a warm and safe environment, introducing manageable challenges which meet your child’s growing demand for information and learning. The adult to child ratio in the Toddler Branch is 1:5.

Your Child’s Day


Your child’s typical day is characterized by a blending of indoor and outdoor activities, giving him a multitude of sensory opportunities coupled with the freedom to experience the joy of discovery.


Daily outdoor time provides exposure to fresh air, sunshine, and new sensory experiences while investigating the great outdoors.


Our mobile carriage takes your child on strolls throughout our campus, indoors and out, offering the opportunity to see, hear, smell, and touch new things.


Daily experiences in art and music are an important part of your toddler’s day, and she will especially enjoy the weekly concert performances by our older Kids World students!