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Specialty Classes


Specialty classes at Kids World Learning are just that—special! Music, art, Spanish, and technology teachers, who are degreed in these fields, provide children preschool-age and older with daily opportunities for expressing creativity, exploring technology, and experiencing other cultures and languages. At Kids World Learning, we believe that these should be daily activities—not just once or twice per week—that reinforce and build upon curriculum concepts that each age group is learning.

The Music Hall - I can sing!


Every child is a natural musician! Exposure to music during the early years enhances your child’s learning process by promoting language development, creativity, coordination, and social interaction while fostering a life-long enjoyment and appreciation of music. The music program at Kids World Learning provides exposure to music from different cultures and countries, a variety of instruments, and many styles of music.

The Literacy Loft - I can read!


“Uno, Dos, Trés!” Surrounded by culturally rich activities, books, and games, your child takes her first steps in learning a second language while developing an understanding and appreciation of other cultures and customs. Taught through immersion in the Spanish language, your child’s Spanish teacher invites her into a new world of language that she is sure to enjoy.

The Studio - Look! I created pink!!


Every child is an artist! Art experiences provide your child with an introduction to art history and different cultures as well as a unique language through which he explores, reflects, and processes his knowledge and skills while engaging his mind, heart, and body. By using different mediums to create works of art, such as clay, paint, chalk, pencil, and crayon, your child experiences the joy of creating something unique and special every day.

The Tech Hub - I did it!


“Point, click, drag!” In the Tech Hub your child uses technology components that encourage cooperative interactions and positively affect cognitive and social development, while contributing to problem solving and critical thinking abilities. The Technology program at Kids World Learning supports every domain of learning, not just teaching standard computer skills, but honing in on your child’s reading, letter and number recognition, matching, and hand-eye coordination skills.